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Was It Worth It?

Was the road trip worth it if we spent almost half the time driving?

In route to our final destination, we spent 5 hours on the road where the last 30 minutes were the hardest, bumpiest roads we had encountered the entire trip. I was the most anxious to get out of the truck after yet another day spent on the road. I wanted the miserable driving to end.

Then we turned a corner, like hundreds of corners before, and bam- the sight of mountain peaks above a beautiful lake hit me. I pulled out my phone and shot what I knew will be a lousy photo through the car window. A few minutes later, I asked Geoff to stop; I needed a better picture to remember the view. I rolled down my window and took 3 more amateur photographs. None of the images would be any good. For one thing, I had no talent for photography, and even if I did, you had to be in Patagonia to appreciate it.

As Michael van Bregt in Yachting World Magazine, August 2020, put it, ‘Sparing pages of superlatives, to summarize, Patagonia offers the peak of raw beauty and wilderness. The remoteness and savage feel drew us back in time, to a wide and largely uninhabited world that has disappeared from across most of the globe.’

Our last stop was at the end of Lago Pehoes. Our room looked out over aqua-green water at three massive 5800-foot granite giants. I propped myself up with down pillows on the bed and simultaneously charged my phone and computer while I wrote this story. The view was spectacular. We planned to meet with our guide in an hour and decide what hikes were available in the morning.

Yes, the trip was worth it. Would I recommend it to my friends? No.


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