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Must Visit Turkey

Americans you should visit Turkey for two reasons:

First, you can stay in a cave- hotel. There were 211 cave-hotels in Cappadocia and it is a lot of fun. We stayed in a rock pinnacle with our room being the highest room in the village. I know that's bragging but traveling is all about the oldest, biggest, longest, or first something. The photos below show the interior of our room on the left and the views from our patio on the right. From the outside, our cave looked just like the cone in the picture above the Turkish hot air balloon. It had three floors, with the bedroom being at the top of the pinnacle.

Our handsome and overly confident Turkish pilot ‘s aim was to fly as close to the mountains and ground as possible without touching them.

The Open Air Museum, the most important site in Cappadoccia. Since the religious art from inside the cave- churches hasn't been restored, the images below the church door are photos from the sign. There were 34 of these cave-churches at this one site.

Reason two, Turkey is leading the Muslim world in the direction it needs to go. They have a secular government, they love Americans, and there is no fighting in 99% of the country. Just avoid the SE corner of Turkey with the current Kurdish unrest and Syrian border. The Turkish flag is being flown all over the country in protest of terrorists attacks. We need to visit, get to be friends with them, and support them.

In closing, I will say it is a bit of an embarrassment having Donald Trump running for president. People all over are asking us about him being President. That's another reason to visit Turkey, it will get your mind off our own problems.

PS: The majority of the holes you see in the rocks are pigeon nests. They were made so that the pigeon droppings can be harvested and used for fertilizer. There's an idea for you young entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on an untapped, natural resource in many US cities.

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