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NYC for Three Months

Subway map with our approximate location.

Three months in NYC with an apartment in the West Village, no excuse not to be a productive writer. Geoff, my husband, will consult out of Solid's NY office and commute to Boston as needed. I will be rewriting the Montecito Mudslide series and the Iceland blog. Right now, I am free-writing a real-time blog of the NYC experience as an unnecessary warm-up for the pain of rewriting the other stories.

Rooftop terrace after 3" of snow and 4" of slush.

Geoff taking a snow-day nap.

Corner view from apartment with Empire State Building hidden by the nor'easter.

Stop and Raise Plough.

The no-excuses desk.

Sitting at my desk, I'm overwhelmed by the excitement of living in the West Village. For our second day in the city, Geoff has planned lunch out, followed by a walk along the Hudson, visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MoMA), cocktails at 5 pm, dinner , and Black Panther at the movies. All I have to do is write until the noontime call from Geoff.

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