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Response to Comments

Largest video screen in Moscow with Channel ad. The ads change periodically so we got this one by Chance.

Here is my response to some of your comments:

1. Correct the grammatical errors:

Geoff has been assigned editor of the blog so in the future, all grammatical errors will be his fault.

2. What famous sites are you visiting:

As for the famous sites we are seeing, you can be sure we are seeing all top 10 sites everywhere we go. We have both the Lonely Planet guide and 36 hours in 250 European and Asian cities to guide us. We are all over the place. I have attached a few photos of us in famous places.

Finally, Geoff has noted people in Russia stopping me on the street to practice their English. He thinks it is because my hair is pink and they must feel safe talking to me. I had a brief conversation with an 18 year old yesterday about a rap concert he couldn’t afford to go to in Moscow, about smoking marijuana, and the environment. At least these are a few of the topics I think we were talkng about. He could have been asking about rap lyrics, crack cocaine, and pollution in America.

Famous Russian author who said: “If you are lucky enough to be born in a big empire, live quietly by the ocean.”

Biking all over Moscow. Vado, our ace guide, was also a phtographer.

Escalator to the bridge over the Moscow Riverto Gorky Park; Moscow’s Central Park. They flood it in the winter so people can go ice skating. Russia has much better public spaces than we have in the US where the developer’s rule

Russian Department of Defense.

Two contrasting buildings, the old USSR and the new Russian Orthodox church. World War II images were all over to commemorate the 70 year anniversary of the end of the war. Russia lost 25 million troops compared to 300,000 American soldiers.

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