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Images From Beijing

The line to see Mao’s tomb in Tiananmen Square. They allow 800,000 per day in the square and we3 were at the maximum on the day we visited. 99% were Chinese tourists, When asked, our guide said there are three Ts you don’t talk about: Tienanmen Square student protestors, Tibet, and Twian. In Tiananment Square “T” is for drinnking not talking. She talked plenty, just not in Tiananment Square. They had under cover cops to go with the cameras.

We were asked to take pictures with fellow tourists. The kids are all learning English and I had the opportunity to engage all sorts of kids in the dialogue, “How are you?” ” I am fine.” “How are you?” I am fine , too.”

Selfie from a richshaw on a wild ride for Peking Duck. We again followed in Michelle Obama’s steps and went to the same restaurant she visited.

Alley in Hutong region with publc toilets and public showers for the residents of the area. They have 4 star bathrooms, meaning two women live inside to care for them. Three stars is one live-in cleaner. Two stars, they don’t live inside and care for more than one bathroom. We didn’t discuss the one star bathrooms.

Crickets for sale at a pet shop. They keep them as pets, feeding them carrot sticks becaue they like the sound.

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