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China Food

[Picture above]

Here is the menu from a lunch spot. We had a choice of turtle dove, sparrow, farm pig head meat, mountain rabbit, mountain goat, wild pigeon, mountain fungus, mountain mushrooms, or goat meat. Everything was $4 to $6 for a family style portion. In this region they don’t normally eat rice; they eat noodles. They also don’t serve soy sauce with the meals; they serve vinegar. In order to get chicken stir fry, fungus, and a noodle dish with rice and soy sauce we needed our guide, Miller’s help. Both a guide and driver a necessity in rural China unless you are completely fearless or in your 20s.


We were on our way back from the 4000 room Wang Residence outside of Ping Yao. The Wang family needed 4000 rooms because they lived there for 25 generations. They were kicked out of their very nice home when the farmers finally got so pissed off they revolted. Sounds like the story behind Versailles.


One more food image. This is from the pit stop we took in route to Datong so Geoff and I could go to the bathroom. I’ll save the bathroom image for another post.

The cafeteria style offering consisted of duck head, duck kidneys, duck wing, and duck neck. Don’t knock it till you try it, so I won’t say anything other than it looked fresh.

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