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All it takes is courage. Courage to leap, put yourself out there, trying not to fall flat on your face. It’s only three months of public humiliation as I try to post an entertaining and insightful travel blog.

Traveling by plane, train, bike, boat, feet, and car, we’ll circumvent the globe in 3 months, stopping in 6 countries. The course is roughly around the northern 42nd Meridian; China, Russia, Denmark, Turkey, Spain and finishing on east coast of the USA. Turning 60’s is the excuse. Leaving July 23, returning October 30, just in time for our masquerade birthday party, is the timeline.

It’s a test drive for our future lives. How much to travel, how often, how long? Can this marriage endure 11 days on the Trans-Siberian Railroad? For me, it’s the start of the post Farm Bureau era; the beginning of my writing career. For Geoff, a time to take stalk of what he really enjoys doing, and how much to do it.

This will need to be a short first post after the public announcement of the blog. Real life still looms as the deadline to leave gets closer. The house-sitter is still promising to arrive. Family and friends we have always dreamed of visiting are arriving by car loads just days before we leave. On the positive side, we’re packed and one dog’s been euthanized.

But technology maybe the final obstacle to me producing a travel blog. Having three technology gifted children to help me put this blog together, is necessary but not sufficient to getting it done. When Tad got his first traveling electronic device, he simply grabbed every Kindle book out in the universe and downloaded it for free. Margo set up this blog, Dena customized it with the image of our route for the cover page. I am still struggling to get a picture to post. The two generations are in two different worlds but we are all on the same planet. I plan to be the scribe for the journey but I am not sure I have the technology skills for anyone to follow us.

Tomorrow we are off, to explore and share our tale of going around the world using every mode of travel. Hopefully we’ll still be married in the end. If things start to unravel after 11 days of staring out a Russian train window, you’ll have a front row seat.

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