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Pre Trip Jitters

The trip doesn’t start the day you get on board the plane. I quit Farm Bureau a year ago to get my mind around where to go if we had the health, wealth, and time to go anywhere we wanted, without three kids in tow. Now we have ten days before we leave. True, I am packed. But my list of unfinished items seems to be growing each day while my always organized and productive husband still has time for beach volleyball.

We have three sets of house guests coming to visit us the final week. Our housesitter, Joy, arrives from Nepal, via Iceland two days before we leave. No, we haven’t met her. Yes, I checked her references. I took Cody, our 13 year old border collie, to the vet before we left to have his paw checked out. Cody’s wrist was giving out and he was stumbling on even short walks. Found out he has lymphoma and the vet gave him 3 months to live unless we went the chemo route. I couldn’t do that to Joy or Cody.

The vet and I set a date to have her visit and put Cody down tomorrow morning. Dena came to help spoil him over the weekend. It is a sad time. Dena also helped me customize this blog and create the evite for the October 30th Masquerade Madness. Maybe I’m not sleeping because before we leave we are planning our joint 60th Birthday Party with a guest list of 200, for 2 days after we return. No, I’m not kidding. Yes, you are invited.

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