September 17, 2015

There are three more compelling, reasons to visit Turkey.

Worldwide, they have the best toilets we have ever seen. Maybe they will catch on in the US. The Turkish toilet is a perfectly engineered design that combines a bidet and a toilet.

Reason two: Turkish baths. They...

September 5, 2015

Americans you should visit Turkey for two reasons:

First, you can stay in a cave- hotel. There were 211 cave-hotels in Cappadocia and it is a lot of fun. We stayed in a rock pinnacle with our room being the highest room in the village. I know that's bragging but traveli...

August 29, 2015

“Children are the Victims of Adult’s Vices” created by Mihail Chemiakin. This was his gift to the City of Moscow. It is meant to encourage the fight against global evil.

Warning. You can skip this blog if you are looking for my usual humor and whit.

The Russian man start...

August 25, 2015

Like usual before we get to the clever insights and dirt on Putin, you get a little geography lesson. This post will also include the last 1200 years of Moscow history downsized for Americans. It’s very exciting to have all of this local history coming to together in o...

August 24, 2015

Largest video screen in Moscow with Channel ad. The ads change periodically so we got this one by Chance.

Here is my response to some of your comments:

1.   Correct the grammatical errors:

Geoff has been assigned editor of the blog so in the future, all grammatical errors...

August 20, 2015

Four views from the center of Red Square. It is neither red, nor a sqaure but rather a black rectangle. We were there our first day in Moscow.

Before we get to the real news, I want you to know I have not seen anybody drinking vodka straight from drinking glasses beside...

August 18, 2015

First let’s start with our geography lessons for Americans. (In case you aren’t following every post: the Russian stereo type of Americans includes being fat, eating hamburgers and french fries, farting and burping in public, and not knowing geography.)

Kazan is Russia’...

August 13, 2015

Good thing I brought only skinny jeans on the trip. They are an excellent indicator for how much weight I have gained exactly half way into the 12 day Trans-Siberian Railroad. Walking between 8 cars to dining car C three times a day is not enough exercise to make up fo...

August 11, 2015

The line to see Mao’s tomb in Tiananmen Square. They allow 800,000 per day in the square and we3 were at the maximum on the day we visited. 99% were Chinese tourists, When asked, our guide said there are three Ts you don’t talk about: Tienanmen Square student protestor...

August 10, 2015

Geoff and I got lucky. Ksenia Chmutina is riding in the cabin next to ours. She is our Russian connection and is on good terms with the car conductor, Sergei. She arranged for us to ride on the outside of the engine of the train along Lake Baikal for about 30 minutes....

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